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Sessions are provided in office and/or online (virtual).

Virtual Sessions

You can opt for sessions online. These sessions have the same purpose as in-person office sessions. Although this tool does not replace in-person psychotherapy, it can be just as effective.  There are also advantages when consulting online.

  • Can be used as a complementary tool in addition to face-to-face sessions, if deemed appropriate following an assessment

  • Allows people who live in more remote areas (or for people with reduced mobility) to access psychological help without having to travel.

  • Maintains weekly psychological following even with a busy schedule, unforeseen circumstances (e.g. babysitter cancelled; poor road conditions). 

  • Rules relating to confidentiality and record-keeping are maintained in accordance with the Ordre des Psychologues du Québec’s code of ethics. This means that the laws and professional standards that apply to in-person sessions apply equally to online sessions

  • Receipts are provided for health insurance claims and/or tax purposes.

  • A separate consent form will be provided that details the rights and responsibilities, as well as the risks using online services.  

Duration of Sessions

50 Minutes

Sessions can sometimes exceed 50 minutes when deemed appropriate by your therapist. You will not be charged additional fees when this occurs.


Individual therapy


Couple therapy


Psychological Assessments & Evaluations

$2200–$2600 (3–6 sessions)

Court Appearances


Accepted Payment Methods

  • Electronic transfer (Interac e-Transfer ®)

  • Cash


Psychological services are covered by most private health insurance plans (in whole or in part). If applicable, your receipts (or deductibles) can be declared as medical expenses on your annual income tax returns.  Please consult with your accountant.

Policy For Late or Missed Appointments 

Fees can be paid at the beginning or end of each session. In order to benefit as much as possible from psychotherapy, it is highly recommended that you make your therapy a priority and do everything you can to avoid canceling a session, except in case of emergency. If you are unable to attend or you expect to be late, please notify your therapist as soon as possible by telephone or text message. You will not have to pay any fees if your cancellation is made more than 24 hours in advance. However, you will be expected to cover the costs of your session if you do not cancel your appointment with at least 24 hours’ notice. Please note that if you arrive late, you will still be billed for the full session.  Sessions begin and end at their pre-arranged times, and your therapist is often unable to extend your session due to other appointments that are scheduled.  

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